Over 450,000 international students currently study in the UK which shows that it’s a very popular destination.Student diversity, teaching standards, facilities, beautiful sights and opportunities are just some of the many things the UK has to offer international students like you. Continue reading to see why so many students choose the UK and what could be waiting for you here.

international students in newcastle

High-quality education that’s difficult to get anywhere else

The UK has a long history of providing high standards of teaching. Plus, the degrees and qualifications you gain here are recognised worldwide by employers and academics on a global scale.

In fact, many consider the UK’s education system as the best in the world. This is because UK universities regularly feature highly in university rankings thanks to amazing teaching methods and world-class facilities.

International students also get unique opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge, critical thinking and connections. They graduate with the tools they need to succeed in their dream careers.

Within the UK, there’s also a group of 24 leading universities, including Newcastle University, known as the Russell Group. This is a special group of elite universities that are committed to carrying out industry-leading research and offering outstanding teaching and learning experiences for all students.

So, gaining a degree at a Russell Group university looks good on your CV and will be something employers notice.

A uniquely diverse and multicultural society you’ll get to experience

Within the UK, you’ll find that you’re not limited to just one type of culture. The diversity in each major city gives you the chance to experience a multicultural environment, meet fellow international students and develop a range of skills by working with people from all across the globe.

The UK is always welcoming of different faiths, backgrounds and religions while keeping hold of its own long-held British traditions. So, you’ll never feel out of place and you’ll get to experience cultures and events you probably thought you never could back home.

There are currently nearly 70 million people living in the UK right now. That’s a lot of people but it means there are also a lot of different cultures, backgrounds and faiths you can explore.

Experience classic Britain by trying our famous fish and chips and see why it’s a dish everyone loves. Or just settle down with a cup of tea and some biscuits. But there are also opportunities to get involved in multicultural events that’ll make you feel like you’re back home.

For example, the UK is famous for its many Chinatowns which are always popular in major cities like Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester. Then there are religious celebrations like Diwali and Eid that will either show you the UK as you’ve never seen it before or make you feel like you’re back home.

Witness sights and landmarks you never thought you could

Big Ben, the Angel of the North, Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. These are just some of the many historic landmarks and sights in the UK that many international students once believed they could only see on television or online.

However, studying in the UK gives you the opportunity to see so many sights and landmarks on a daily basis. Plus, Newcastle University is only minutes away from the beautiful countryside and coasts, too. You can see all of these sights easily by using the transport links to get across the UK.

Amazing opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else

Employers want high-quality graduates that have gained world-class degrees from some of the best universities around. The UK’s academic standards are of high prestige and the education you get here will provide you with a good foundation to increase your potential for having a higher salary and finding the dream job you’ve always wanted.

Being able to speak and understand the English language fluently is also something employers see as important. So, there’s no better way to master the English language than in the country of its origin. 

You’ll use it during your lectures, seminars, when you make new friends, when you go shopping, in any work that you do and so much more. All of this helps your employment chances to make sure you get a job that you deserve.

These are just some of the many things the UK has to offer international students. All of these are a big benefit to you as a student because it’ll help you become more independent, confident, reliable and you’ll build a network of valuable connections to help your career.

Make your time in the UK easy and enjoyable with your university guide

Moving abroad to study in the UK is an exciting time in your life. Although, you should also start to think about some of the important things to make your stay in the UK as easy as possible. 

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