The cost of studying in the UK for Indian students will vary depending on what course you choose, your accommodation and how much you spend on essentials such as food and transport.

However, we’ve done some research and have figured out an average cost. Plus, we’ve included a few ideas on how you can keep costs down.

Here are the factors that can affect the average cost of studying in the UK:

Your university course fees

University course fees for international students can depend on the course you’re studying. For example, the course fees for degrees such as  Computer Science and Economics can differ.

If you’re still deciding on a university course, why not go through the course finder we offer? There, you can explore each course in detail and see more information on their costs.

Your university accommodation fees

Newcastle University offers a great range of accommodation, from more traditional  halls like Castle Leazes to the modern flats of The View. You’ll be able to choose from nine different accommodation options - but what about the price?

The average price of Newcastle University accommodation is £118.25 per week, which is lower than the UK average of £125 per week

Similar to degree costs, rent in the north of England is significantly cheaper than rent in the south.

Over 40 weeks at Newcastle University, which is the average length of a university-owned accommodation contract, you’ll pay an average of £4,848.25.

Student living costs in the UK

Monthly living costs can range anywhere from £250 to £400 or more - it all depends on how you choose to spend your money. If you choose to eat out at restaurants a lot, expect your monthly living costs to rise, as a meal in the UK can cost anywhere from £9 to £15. 

For example, here is a list of things you’ll probably need to pay for during a month of university (stats taken from The Complete University Guide):

  • public transport: this is subject to change, depending on where you travel to, but a monthly student ticket for the metro service costs £26.90
  • groceries: food will likely be one of your biggest bills during the month (alongside rent). You’ll spend around £90 to £146, depending on where you shop
  • other spends such as socialising: around £50 to £90 a month
  • study materials: You might need to buy a new notebook or pen, so could spend anywhere up to £36 a month

You can also make living costs cheaper by using your money wisely. Here are some tips:

You can also learn how to budget your money effectively. Check out our blog on how to make a university budget plan.

As you get accustomed to life at university, you’ll learn where to buy the most affordable food, which is the most inexpensive form of transport and even low cost activities, such as going to the movies or the theatre.

As you can see, the cost of university will vary depending on your choices, but if you want to figure out a more accurate number, you’re going to need a calculator...

Calculate the cost of university today

With more and more students from India looking to study in the UK, there’s a lot of planning that needs to be done. To figure out a more accurate university cost, use our helpful calculator. You’ll be able to compare your income with your expenditure, to come up with an accurate budget for your time at university. 

Adjust the figures and experiment to create a realistic budget for yourself.

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