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As a parent, you’re the first teacher that your son or daughter has and you have the responsibility of preparing them for life. Parental involvement is important at all stages of their development, so you might be asking, 'what’s the role of parents in motivating students?'

motivating students

Here’s everything you can do to ensure your son or daughter’s success in whatever they choose to do.


  • Be the encouragement they need to succeed
  • Provide lots of positive feedback 
  • Take more of an interest in their school life
  • Continue learning at home 
  • Help your son or daughter find the right university

Be the encouragement they need to succeed

Students who are motivated to learn achieve more at school, show better understanding of what they are taught and are more satisfied with school. 

Encourage healthy competition and set goals for your child as it can push them to exceed expectations and be ambitious.

Even if your son or daughter doesn’t succeed the first time they do something, be the encouragement they need to try again. 

Provide lots of positive feedback 

Recognising your son or daughter for their achievements and skills helps build self-esteem and confidence. Although constructive feedback is important for your son or daughter, focusing on the positives can motivate them more.

When your child does achieve something great, tell them you’re proud of them. A sense of accomplishment is the ultimate motivator and the best way to dismiss any self-doubt your son or daughter has.

Take more of an interest in their school life

When parents are engaged in their son or daughter’s school lives, students have the support they need to not only finish their assignments but also develop a love of learning.

Teachers are invested in the success of your child as much as you. A simple way of taking more of an interest is by talking to your son or daughter’s teacher and letting them know you want to be more involved in their education. 

It can just be giving the teacher a way to contact you so you can stay involved. Being excited to know about your son or daughter’s education will inspire them to succeed. 

Continue learning at home 

A big motivator for students is knowing their parents are available to help with whatever they need. This could be anything from assisting them with a difficult home assignment to preparing them for an upcoming test.

Here are some tips for providing a helpful learning environment outside of the classroom:


  1. encourage your son or daughter to talk to you if they are struggling with a particular subject
  2. don’t be afraid to get a tutor or outside help if your son or daughter needs it. Everybody needs a little help sometimes
  3. sit with them and create a study plan that gives them time for both learning and recreational time
  4. let them make mistakes on tests and homework so they can learn for next time
  5. have a designated work area like a desk instead of working on a bed so school work feels more important

Help your son or daughter find the right university for them

It’s in any parent’s best nature to want what’s best for their son or daughter. You want them to study at a highly ranked university and receive the outstanding education they need for their ideal job in the future. 

Discuss with your son or daughter the career paths they can take and then start looking for the ideal university for them. 


  • Browse online resources, request prospectuses and look at student forums to get a better understanding of the options available
  • Make sure the university is in a safe city that has well-connected transport services
  • Ask about the facilities available for each degree   
  • Check if the degree your son or daughter wants to study is professionally accredited and closely linked with the industry
  • Find out if the university has been awarded the highest quality teaching level

Another important thing to look for in a university is if they have a team dedicated to supporting students with whatever they need. Whether it’s homesickness or academic help, you want to make sure they are advised and supported.


If they’re interested in studying abroad, like in the UK, we understand you might have some concerns. However, it’s a wonderful experience for them and a memorable way to further their education. You don’t need to worry, that’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to tell you all about the benefits.

Learn about the possibilities of your son or daughter studying abroad

You want to support your son or daughter’s education wherever they want to study. Studying abroad is an exciting experience and provides a range of benefits for their future career prospects.

Learn about the benefits of your child studying abroad, the range of courses they can choose from and what support is available for them. It includes everything you need to know, including key dates for applications, so make sure to download the guide now.


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