Studying in the UK is a fantastic way to develop your skills and your confidence. All of these things are helped by a good knowledge of the English language. The importance of the English language for international students can’t be ignored.

So what could you be missing out on if you don’t learn English?

English is the business language of the world

Global commerce and industry rely on the English language. Businesses in Europe, the USA, Australia, the UK and many other places use English as their main language. This is the case even in continents where English isn’t the first language such as Africa, South America and Asia. 

Being an international student, you’ll already have knowledge of one language and you probably have a good understanding of English already. When you study in the UK, you’ll have the chance to practise and improve your English even more. 

After you graduate, you’ll be able to apply for jobs in the UK, back home or in lots of other countries because of your language skills. When writing your CV, you can include that you speak more than one language which is very impressive to potential employers.

Think of your future and all the places you could potentially work. Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, New York, Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing - the possibilities are endless.

Lack of English knowledge makes it harder to travel

1.5 billion people speak English. That’s 20% of the world’s population. English is also the most commonly studied language in the world. What this means is that when you want to travel to somewhere new, you have a good chance of meeting someone who speaks English.

If you have a limited understanding of English and you want to travel, it may be a little harder to get around. Questions about money, directions or even ordering food can be difficult if you don’t share a common language with another person.

Over a third of the population of Europe speak conversational English. When travelling there, it’s incredibly easy to ask for help if you’re lost or in need of information. Developing your English will open a lot of places up to you.

Travelling around British cities will be easier. From ordering a hot drink to asking for directions, knowing the English language will make travelling in the UK simple and enjoyable.

Miss out on developing relationships 

In different aspects of life, from completing your education to finding the right career, building relationships with other people is an important way of finding success in all of them.

Making friends at a UK university can be so much easier if you can speak English well, which will make your time studying abroad more enjoyable. If you come to the UK with a good knowledge of English, you'll be able to build strong friendships more quickly. You’ll be able to do this with both British people and people from all over the world.

The UK is a place to create good relationships and avoid any language barriers because of our widely-spoken language. Studying here means you’ll gain more knowledge about the world, which helps you lead a more successful life by opening doors, allowing for new experiences and making you more cultured.

Less chance of new experiences

Without a good knowledge of the English language, you’re less likely to discover new places and get the opportunity to experience new things.

Exploring cities, attending events and even going to the theatre are all opportunities you can’t miss out on when studying in the UK. Developing your English makes all these experiences much more likely to happen, as you’ll easily be able to understand the culture of a UK city

The UK has a very vibrant culture, with lots of art, music, food and history to explore. Cities like Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh, London and many more have so many activities to try. The best way to experience them to their full potential is to use your knowledge of the English language.

Fewer opportunities to build confidence

Studying at a UK university will help increase your confidence by allowing you to experience a new country and a quality education, but it’s only possible to gain the full benefit with a good knowledge of the English language.

When it comes to exploring a university city like Newcastle, confidence helps you get around and adapt to a new city. But what kind of things will you be able to experience there? Check out our guide to the city of Newcastle and explore all the things you can do here.

Download our guide to the city of Newcastle

By studying at a university here in the UK, you can really improve your English language skills. You can also explore a new place and meet new people - but what does Newcastle have to offer?

In our guide to the city, we’ve included information on everything this great city has to offer. Information on activities, restaurants, how to get around and so much more is available to you.

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