Studying abroad is an exciting experience that will put you on the path towards a successful career. From learning a new language to getting a degree from high ranked university, there are lots of opportunities that will help boost your future prospects.

Here are four career benefits of studying abroad in the UK:

  1. Learn the business language of the world
  2. Enhance your CV with your international experience
  3. Get a degree from a high ranking university in the UK
  4. Access to career services and dedicated support

1. Learn the business language of the world

In the modern world, 1.75 billion people speak English, which is around one in four of us. English is unquestionably the business language of the world so perfecting it will help you in your future career.  

If you study here in the UK, you’ll already have a good understanding of the English language. It also gives you the opportunity to practise daily with native speakers and perfect it. 

This is especially valuable in the business industry but will benefit any career because it will showcase your ability to learn new things.

2. Enhance your CV with your international experience

When studying abroad, you learn new skills and a lot about yourself along the way. Living in a new country, adapting to new teaching styles, and a different lifestyle is a big step. These are all valuable experiences that can be put into your CV to enhance it, which sets you apart from the competition.

Even joining a club or society can help boost your CV. It shows commitment and that you’re not worried about trying something new. It’s also something to talk about in your interview and can be a great way to mention your achievements. These things are often something employers are looking for, but aren’t taught in the classroom. 

3. Get a degree from a high ranking university in the UK

If you restrict your university choices to just your country, then you’re not taking advantage of the excellent teaching and world-class facilities that studying abroad can give you. 

A degree from a prestigious Russell Group member shows that you’ve studied at an 'elite' university. Each has unique heritage but all have one thing in common - they attract students from all over the world. 

Future employers look for Russell Group university applicants during the recruitment process.

4. Access to career services and dedicated support

If you’re still thinking about what to do next or you need career advice, some universities will offer support to help you and have dedicated teams to assist.

Usually, it can involve activities like interview preparation and confidence building. It’s a good way to get some practice in before a real-life one. This benefits you as you’ll know exactly what to expect when you get your dream job interview in the future.

Other careers services could include:

Joshy Jin, a former student at Newcastle University and now a proud business owner thanks to the support he’s received, said: 'The Careers Service is unbelievable and I wouldn’t even dream of having this kind of level of support and help before I came to this country.' 

Now that you know the benefits of studying abroad, you can start developing your career with a Russell Group member like Newcastle University. From our committed support to our 160 clubs and societies you can join, we help you to become a valued candidate for any role you wish to progress in.

The career benefits of studying abroad at Newcastle University

When studying abroad, you learn a lot about yourself and what you want for your future. However, although it’s good to have an ideal path, at Newcastle University, we'll provide you with support to help you get there.

That’s why we’ve created a free guide which helps you plan your future. It also features case studies from previous international students at Newcastle University and a career development checklist to make sure you’re on the right path. Get your free copy now and see how we can help you develop a successful career.


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